Programs Designed Especially for Nonprofits



Program Focus:

Providing the Board and Executive Director a roadmap for success

Program Delivery

Offered in-person or Virtually

Topics Include:

  • Internal and external responsibilities of partners
  • The roles of the Executive Director, Board, and Board Chair
  • Current research on Board best practices
  • The four pillars of effective Board leadership
  • Effective Board management
  • What best-in-class Boards are paying attention to

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PROGRAM 2:    


Program Length: 

90 minutes

Program Delivery

Offered in-person or Virtually

Program Focus: 

What you need to know, and how to ask for what you need

Training Includes:

The Right Start Program: Featuring the iCAT® Assessment

Program Description:

Fiduciary responsibility and Board leadership go hand-in-hand. This 90-minute session is a primer for understanding financial basics for Board members. Here's what I often hear from nonprofit leaders...

  • I'm ready to take this agency to the next level, but I have no idea what my next steps might look like. 
  • We, literally, are hanging on from month to month making this organization work. 
  • I am losing sleep about paying my employees. 
  • What a mess! What can I do to turn this organization around?
  • Our Board and staff can't get on the same page. 
  • I don't know what these people want from me.
  • We are seriously considering a partnership with another agency, but I don't know if it is a good fit.
  • Organizations want to get to the next level of effectiveness but don't know where to begin. 

The Right Start Program Includes:

  • A full organizational assessment 
  • A 90-minute coaching conversation with your stakeholders about next steps.

Why does this approach make sense? 

Because you have to know where you are to determine where you are going!  

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Call (610) 349-8403 or email